Meditation Nation

Body still

Spine straight

Enjoying silence

Calmness within

Peacefully floating on water

Tingling heat sensations moving around the body

Thoughts keep flooding by

New realizations surfacing

Ideas now flowing

Dedication to this practice

Opening the mind to more awareness, love, compassion

Always trusting in thyself . . .


© 2020 Floetic Angel



Dimensionless Energy

Living to be alive and connected

Instruct your mind and body, consciously directed

Feel, create, love, evolve, however we may

Ever-existing even when the body falls away.


Dying and what follows next is unknown to us

Emerging energy transference thus

Arriving to the Creator, Cosmic Consciousness

Truth, harmony, blissfulness

Heavenly, Universal Divine Essence all loving and boundlessness.


© 2020 Floetic Angel