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Mage of Rage

Remembering the violet eyed woman with pale skin

Traumatic childhood

Ruled by her emotions

Harbouring true chaos

Quarter elf, magically gifted

Long wavy flowing black hair

Seductive in her ways of alluring charms

Wanting to have everything

Taught to control the chaos that storms inside of her

Longing for the white haired man, bound to her by destiny

Going to great risky depths to satisfy, the real one true thing she desires

To have someone to leave her legacy to . . .


© 2020 Floetic Angel

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Sword Wielder

Once there was a beautiful powerful man

Travelled alone with his trusty horse

He fought monstrous beasts for money

Hated by people wherever he goes

The only one left of his kind

Glorious tales by the white haired man

Two swords he always carries

Wolf necklace glimmering

Danger finds a way to him

Blessed with magical powers

Destined to protect

Choosing the lesser evil . . .


© 2020 Floetic Angel


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Fantastical Echoes

Drifting slowly away on a puffy cloud

Flakes of Dreamland beckon to me, I always vowed

To regularly escape to this space

My true home of sweet grace

I’m gliding, the air carries me like a wandering feather

Experiencing this heavenly comforting weather

Waterfalls so gloriously high

Magical forest with trees almost touching the sky

Enchanted friendly creatures of all kinds

Communicating telepathically through their minds

I hear it all, beautifully transpiring to a divine harmony . . .


© 2020 Floetic Angel

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Heart Thief

Hope sails away

As you leave me stranded here alone on this island

I gave it my all

But that wasn’t good enough for you

Your love felt like confusing riddles

Leading to pleasant treasures to find

Dangers lurking in the dark caves glowing with mushrooms

The sound of calming waves

Time for a solo adventure . . .


© 2020 Floetic Angel

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A Step By Step Law of Attraction System to Win the Lottery – My Complete Secret “Theta” Method Revealed

Self Mastery

An Interview with Peter Keddie – The Man Who Always Wins!

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing a man who continues to upset national and international lottery corporations with his seemingly natural ability to consistently win the jackpot in any lottery he plays. He’s been traveling around the USA and Canada playing and winning lotteries everywhere he goes. We spoke with Mr. Keddie at his winter estate in St. Lucia.

(Interviewer:) Hello Mr. Keddie. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home today.

(Peter Keddie:) Hi there. You’re quite welcome.

(Interviewer:) Mr. Keddie, Could you….

(Peter Keddie:) Please…. call me Peter.

(Interviewer:) Peter, Could you please explain to us how you managed to have won every contest you’ve entered in the last five years and why every major lottery corporation has now banned you from playing?

(Peter Keddie:) Certainly. This, of course, is why I’ve invited you here…

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Alternating Frequencies

Openly listening for golden hints

Innately seeking to enrich myself

Not knowing for sure who is true

Feelings arise within like melting gestures of quick truths

Imagining the connection longer & fully to the Source

Powerfully gliding in a dream like life

Glances of things I’m meant to do

Which frequency am I going to tune to?


© 2020 Floetic Angel

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Me, you and the New Earth


As human time
unfolds and bends,
reflecting a momentum
long forgotten

We watch
our unforgiven selves,
dancing old sins
till now unspoken

As sacred Earth
erupts and bleeds,
lifting dark veils
before our eyes

We feel
our timeless codes,
unlocking truths
drawn in the skies

As prior worlds
turn upside down,
uprooting lies
from vicious grounds

We float
on crystal sculls,
and let our toes
tickle the clouds


photo by Aurélie Lagoutte

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